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What is Walk for life? (Information about CanSupport)
An annual walkathon organized by CanSupport to raise awareness about rising incidence of cancer in India and to show solidarity with those suffering from cancer.

About CanSupport
CanSupport has a wide range of services designed for cancer patients of all ages at all stages of their cancer journey. They are offered free of charge as the focus is on the underserved and less privileged who do not usually have the resources to cope. Our palliative care experts ensure that they remain pain free and continue to enjoy a good quality of life.  It is care that extends to the entire family. It includes bereavement counseling and rehabilitative support. visit www.cansupport.org

Why participate?
Cancer can target anyone. Hence, it is important to learn how to reduce risks of cancer through lifestyle changes and also how to catch the disease in its early stages.

Who all can participate?
Individuals, groups, corporates & students. Anyone and everyone can participate.

When is it?
5th February 2017

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